What Santa Brought. Pt. 1

Hi friends! I was so excited this Christmas to get almost everything I asked for! I wanted to share some awesome items that you should include in your next Christmas list 😉

Urban Ears: The Plattan: Great headphones that are just as functional as they are uber stylish. These headphones come in so many great colors such as: raspberry, mustard, indigo, and mocca. A fabric cord which only attaches at one side makes comfortability easy on long listening or plane rides. Have an iphone? The Plattan also has microphone capability which rocks.

One of my favorite aspects of the headphones is the “zound plug” feature that allows anyone with headphones to join you while listening to your fav tunes. Last but not leas these great headphones fold down for easy packing. Check out Urban Ears for purchasing and more info.

Domino: the book of decorating:  Did you ever get domino, the great home decorating magazine?! I did and then it stopped being published. 😦 Tt was a really sad situation until I realized they made a book that would satisfy my withdraw. The book’s goal is to help you decorate your home to make you happy and it does a great job. It features designers who walk you through decorating different rooms step by step. I had a hard time concentrating on opening my other gifts because i was so intrigued by the pretty photos! If you’re looking for a great coffee table book filled with exiting photos and fun illustrations order this book. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Urban Outfitters carry it.

Tiffany Filigree Heart Pendent with Key Necklace:  Such a beautiful necklace from Dustin! I began collecting Tiffany and Company jewelry when I was a Sophomore in High School and can’t get enough! My favorite aspect of this necklace is the antique/archival inspired filigree and the “Tiffany” spelled our in the heart. It’s such a nice size too and goes with most things I wear. I’ve already received a lot of compliments. If you can’t make the purchase, I suggest going over to Tiffany and Company here and drooling over some of their other things!


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