Khara Ledonne: Art Around Your Neck

Khara Ledonne switches from painting huge scale murals to teeny tiny lockets. I first fell in love with her whimsical lockets about the size of a traditional marble in Lincoln Square in Chicago at a small art store called Sacred Art. One of my friends Lisa is the Curator there. I gasped and opened all of the tiny lockets revealing some of the coolest illustrations I’ve seen in awhile. Of course I begged Dustin for one because 1. it was creative jewelry 2. she hand paints the cute lockets! Somehow the beautiful lockets didn’t shake from my memory in December and I casually mentioned one as a Christmas list wish. To my surprise Dustin tracked the locket down and had one custom ordered for me with a kite painted inside. It is so beautiful and I couldn’t help but research the artist and post about it here! Not only is the locket beautiful, it comes in a very cute altoid-like box (mine had birds on it) to keep it safe in. Khara has done some amazing works both tiny and large. She said “Enormous, created worlds, and teeny, created worlds are endlessly engaging for me.  Someday I’ll build a house and really go nuts.” on her website. What an artist after my own heart! Check her out here and on etsy here to purchase her lockets. You won’t regret it!


More Ink Inspiration.

One of my incentives to losing some weight is to get a back piece before traveling to India. I have been obsessed with different ink websites. Here are some of my favorites that I have come across thus far. Enjoy.

good deals i got today @ urban outfitters in chicago.

long long title but good, no great deals at the urban outfitters in lincoln park today.

let me begin by noting that the u.o. is a wholesale shop and has many discontinued bags, clothes, etc…but awesome nonetheless.

all the purses for $5.00…….yes, freeking $5.00.

(above) cooperative mixed canvas bucket bag

regularly $39.00

price $5.00

what i love: it’s simple, drawstring and light weight. great for a day trip sight seeing or running around on errands. i also love the long shoulder strap

(above) deena & ozzy mid flap moto hobo bag

regularly $59.00

price $5.00

what i love: the beautiful yellow colour will keep me uplifted during winter, the zippers are great for coffee cash, lip balm, etc. i’m also digging the snap closures on the front of the bag (below the fake drawstrings), love the tassels and extra zipper below the flap. another long shoulder strap this thing is freeking great for only 5 bucks.

(above) cooperative urban outfitters hat

regularly $30.00

price $3.00

what i love: so great for summer, looks great with long hair, light, mine has a black band, matches anything, a girly fedora

(above) ashtray u.o. nail polish

regularly $5.00

price $0.99

what i love: black glittery polish, what’s not to love? goes on smooth, great quality polish

(i also bought a cooperative sweater for $10 regularly $49 not pictured)


for dustin (the husband):

(above) Vans checkered belt

regularly $20.00

price $10.00

what i love: awesome punk-like, checkers match everything he owns, one size fits all, back of buckle is a bottle opener.

(above) converse 2011 all star shoes low top slip black

regularly $30.00

price $10.00

what i love: slip ons, match anything, light and durable


for both of us/book collection (below)

regularly $16.95

price $1.29

what i love: awesome tips on taking great shots with toy cameras, explains lomography and all the different types of long exposures, beautiful photos, great coffee table book


so there you have it, my day of shopping filled with excellent deals!