Pinterest: What It Is & How To Use It

An article on how to use Pinterest! Pinterest is by far one of my favorite things to do at the moment. Read this article on how to use it! \

Click here to read it!



things i’m digging right now.

you are the world print.


slant-ruled notebook


feminist cross stitch necklace.


wooden herb crusher.


log & squirrel flower pot (squirrel comes out when pot needs watering)

christmas crafts: it’s never too early…is it?

hello all.

i always wait until the last minute to decorate/buy/bake things for Christmas.

not this year. here’s a start to some beautiful & simple crafts found on pinterest (love it) that i am going to begin making.

i’ll follow up with some pictures too. remind me kindly.

clear bulbs made into a wreath make for a perfect, modern decoration.


scrapbook paper, buttons, & scrabble pieces make for a beautifully unique gift/decoration.


more buttons. hot glued in the shape of a wreath. cute, easy, cheap.


hot glue colored pom poms to acrons. how cute & simple. these would look cozy in a christmas gold bowl on a table.


take old dvd's cd's (trial ones) and make these adorable ornaments. use mod podge & scrapbook paper



alright, now we have no excuses for not knowing what to create. get started.

decorating with travel momentos.

i love young house love. 

here are some beautiful, simple, & cheap ways to display momentos from your travels.

send yourself postcards while away then display them once you arrive home.

collect small momentos and display them in “travel jars”

display keys from homes/places you’ve lived in.