craft party.

last evening i threw a craft party for some of my closest friends. before i knew it my home was filled with crafters working on everything from card making to magnet creating. there were painters, knitters, etc. visiting and listening to music (she & him).

i designed my table based off shades of blue & used a scarf from h & m for the runner. on the dessert menu were:

peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate & rolled in sugar (recipe here) 

turtles (simply take a pretzel, place a rolo over it and heat in the microwave for twenty seconds then press a peacan on it)

& safe cookie dough (recipe here) 

i also served “safe sex on the beach” a juice cocktail made up of grapefruit juice, orange juice, & a splash of strawberry flavor. (not pictured)

a friend of mine named liz made me the beautiful magnets at the end of the post. i can’t wait to have them adorn my fridge!

close up of the table: favors, turtles, peanut butter balls in coordinating cup cake holders

take home favors in blue: hand stamped "bird cages" white envelopes filled with hard candy & tea

turtles: rollos, pretzels, & peacans (stick pretzel with rolo on top for twenty seconds in the microwave then push peacan on top)

peanut butter balls: sugar & chocolate

below: kitty made it in the picture! 

house: getting ready for guest with "crafting tables"

table.bring on the peanut butter.

favor close up.

below, the magnets my friend liz made for me. aren’t they wonderful? made of dominos & alcohol paint.